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Sport and Social Issues


-   Sport in changing social and cultural context
-   Sport in changing economic and political context
-   Olympic movement in changing economic,political and cultural contexts
-   Historical issues in the social sciences of sport
-   Ethical issues in the social sciences of sport
-   Psychological issues in the social sciences of sport
-   Pedagogical issues in sport and physical education
-   Issues of physical culture in social sciences
-   Issues of sport tourism,recreation,and sport for all in social sciences
-   Leisure management within its social contexts
-   What can social sciences do for sport?
-   Managemental issues in social sciences of sport
-   Social changes in sport management
-   Managemental strategies for addaptation to social changes of sport
-   Legal challenges in national and international sport
-   Open papers

We sincerely invite you to come and meet your colleagues in one of the most beautiful cities of middle east,Isfahan! Different culture and different history in sport as well as wide range of topics in this conference provides you an opportunity for presenting your new theoretical and empirical findings which can improve the future development of sport in social issues.
In addition,we organize various memorable social and cultural programs in our unique city for participants.

- University of Isfahan,Iran
- International Society for the Social Sciences of Sport

Venue of the conference:
Kharazmi Hall,Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Isfahan
Address : Faculty of Physical Education & Sport Sciences,University of Isfahan,Hezar Jerib Ave.,Isfahan,Iran

Telefax: +98 - 313 - 7932571

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